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Flying Car Approaches Liftoff As Most Advanced Prototype Yet Is Unveiled

The AeroMobil 3.0, with a sportscar type cabin and dragonfly wheels, was unveiled at the Pioneers festival, an innovations conference in Vienna, Austria. AeroMobil’s CEO Juraj Vaculik envisions the car to “change personal transport on a global scale”, and could be used by commuters and middle-distance travelers, especially in countries that do not have very…

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Women in Physics – A View From 1948

In its’ first issue back in 1948, Physics Today ran a feature article written by Bryn Mawr Professor Walter Michaels, about how to encourage women to become and remain physicists. He recognized back then, that societal pressures can push girls away from hobbies that may help them succeed in physics labs. His article also held…

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Teaching Math to People Who Think They Hate It

Steven Strogatz, Professor of Applied Mathematics at Cornell University, wants to change how non-math majors who think they don’t like math, view math. He believes the solution lies in the way math is taught to liberal arts majors. The curriculum he teaches is called Discovering the Art of Mathematics: Mathematical Inquiry in the Liberal Arts…

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Lunar Eclipse- October 8, 2014

The second lunar eclipse of 2014 will occur on October 8, 2014.  The eclipse will begin at 6:25 am EDT and end at 7:24 am EDT. The best viewing in the US and Canada will be in the western part of those countries. This eclipse is the second of 4 consecutive lunar eclipses, the first…

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ARM Builds an OS for the Internet of Things

Chip design company ARM, has developed a new operating system called mbed OS, that could play a large role in the development of the Internet of Things. This OS aims to provide a common software layer to secure and connect the wide array of devices expected to be networked together in the near future. Mbed…

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