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Dungeons & Dragons and Girls: Video shoots down gamer stereotypes

A new documentary called DnDnG – Dungeons and Dragons and Girls, explores gender equality in role playing games.  Director Meredith Jacobson was inspired to make the short video, after hearing her boyfriend jokingly tell a few gamer boys ages 9-11, that “girls will never play D&D with you”.

Meredith Jacobson

Meredith Jacobson

In the beginning of the video, when the boys were asked what they thought about having girls play with them, the boys thought that the game wouldn’t appeal to girls, that they like princesses more and that it would be too gorey. But the girls were very interested in the game, and remained focused on it during the session.

Jacobson would like to do a series of videos in the future “using children to test gender stereotypes for all types of things.”

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