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Lunar Eclipse- October 8, 2014

The second lunar eclipse of 2014 will occur on October 8, 2014.  The eclipse will begin at 6:25 am EDT and end at 7:24 am EDT. The best viewing in the US and Canada will be in the western part of those countries. This eclipse is the second of 4 consecutive lunar eclipses, the first one having occurred in April 2014, and the last two occurring in April and September of 2015. These four eclipses are called a tetrad.

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During a lunar eclipse, the moon passes behind Earth and into its’ shadow. At this time, the moon will appear to be red, although some people report seeing a band of blue as well. This turquoise colored rim can be best seen through a telescope or binoculars. The depth and hue of the colors are dependant on how much dust is in the stratosphere.

For more information on the lunar eclipse, check out this video from ScienceAtNASA: