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Major Update for SMART Adventures Mission Math

mission math "math games for girls" fun cool

SMART Adventures Mission Math

We are very proud to announce a major update for our flagship game, SMART Adventures Mission Math. This educational game designed to get girls ages 9+ excited about math and STEM fields can now be played on Kindle Fire and other Android tablets, as well as on iPad. Plus, the updated version is localized in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, and Dutch—so girls all over the world can join the fun!

SMART Adventures Mission Math is a one-of-a-kind game conceived by our founders, Emily Clarke, who struggled with math in grade school, and her mom Kathryn Clarke, an engineer. In this mystery adventure game, Space Station Prime is in chaos: the computers are down, the science labs are a mess, and the communication system is barely functioning. Is foul play involved? Playing as Agent Delta’s assistant Junior Agent Star, girls get to choose what their character looks like, use math skills to repair the labs, and question suspects to figure out “whodunit.”

mission math "math games for girls" fun cool

SMART Adventures Mission Math

SMART Adventures Mission Math is a rare video game that puts girls in the starring role, presenting positive female role models and giving girls the freedom to explore and learn. Each of the sabotaged labs has fun puzzles that challenge players’ math skills in fractions, decimals, bar graphs, factors, multiples, and more—all in a cool, playful, and pressure-free environment that girls love. While kids agree that math has never been so much fun, parents will appreciate that SMART Adventures Mission Math is safe and secure with no ads, in-app purchases, or links to outside websites.

Upon its initial iPad release (under its original title Mission: MATH…Sabotage at the Space Station), the game received four stars from USA Today and was recommended by GeekDad. App review site Family Friendly Apps praised the game for “focus[ing] on girls the right way, not with dumbed-down stereotypes” and called it “one of the best examples of an educational game that’s fun to play while being packed with awesome STEM education content.”

SMART Adventures Mission Math can be downloaded for the new price of $4.99 USD from the following stores:

You can see a new trailer for the game here:

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  1. LO on April 16, 2014 at 2:13 pm

    Fun, engaging game that combines problem solving and story telling while teaching math and science skills – my daughter loves it!