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We take your privacy and the privacy of your child seriously. We do not collect personally identifiable information except for email addresses submitted through the Contact page of our website. There are no in-app purchases in our games and no additional modules to purchase to finish the game. We will not sell or share your personal information with any third parties.

Unless you have told us to remove you from our mailing list, we may send product information and news from S.M.A.R.T. Adventures Games to the email address you provided through our Contact page.


“If you have a tween daughter, download this app.”

“I couldn’t wait to find out who the mole was on the space station!!”
-- Jaelynn L.

“I wish this game was around when I was a child going through school and learning all about math and science.”
-- Nuclear Winter Entertainment

“a relaxing and fantastic environment to practice, sometimes tricky, math concepts”
-- Angie Kibiloski

“Congratulations on producing a fun, entertaining, and humorous math app! My 9 year old future astrophysicist loves it!”
-- Robin B.

“What I love about S.M.A.R.T. Adventures is that the learning exercises are a part of the storyline so it makes the story and the exercises more engaging.”
-- The Well Connected Mom

“The creators really do understand the benefits of teaching math and science skills.”
-- Famigo

“If you want a fun, empowering, educational game for your child (or just want to brush up on your own math skills!), look no further.”
-- Nerdy-But-Flirty

“We love S.M.A.R.T. Adventures Mission: MATH as a great educational choice for families.”
-- Family Friendly Apps

“You developed a great game! My 3rd, 4th, and 6th graders wanted to play nonstop from the second we purchased it!”
-- Parent Kerri W.

“Instead of a long tiring jog, this app gives my brain a dance party while giving it exercise!”
-- Saida P.

“My daughter played through the entire app, and immediately asked if we could get the next one...”
-- GeekDad

“I really like Sparks, she is so funny!”
-- Leila Z.

“This is so awesome, you get to go on a space ship and build robots!”
-- Lisa Z.

“My daughter loved it. ..It has really helped her math grades.”
-- Patricia Perek

“The positive female role models make this a good choice for math practice, particularly for girls.”
-- Best Apps For Kids

“This is a great program to utilize. This app had appealing games to work on key concepts like measurement, composing numbers, and place value. I highly recommend this app.”
-- Teacher K.S.

“The more you play the more you master the skills.”
-- Super Mommy to the Rescue

“I found out that after doing the game where you fix the computer a couple of times, I could already count in Mandarin without looking.”
-- parent Brian S.

“I was just helping my daughter with one of the games and then I forgot to give it back to her. I just kept playing”
-- parent Sheryll S.

“Everything around this app is awesome...”
-- AppsZoom

“Download it today and show the world you can do math...”
-- PadGadget

“My 10 year old daughter loves this app. And we had a blast playing with it together.”
-- parent Micaela V.

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