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Why Google’s Cancer-Detecting Pill is More Than Just Hype

Prior to beginning work on a cancer-detecting pill, Google consulted with Professor Sam Gambhir. Gambhir is the director of Stanford University’s Canary Center for Cancer Early Detection. Gambhir has consulted with Google on it’s cancer detecting pill  that  will have magnetic nanoparticles that have the ability to latch onto certain cancer-related molecules in the bloodstream, and that a wearable device could then recognize when this happens.



Gambhir explains that while this is one of many such efforts to detect cancer within the body without drawing blood, Google’s approach is different. “They have brought on a lot of very smart people that are thinking about these problems in very unique ways, ” Gambhir says. Google’s team spans multiple disciplines, and aims to get this type of thing to the market, although it may take several years if it even reaches the market at all.

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